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As a business owner myself, I understand the struggle. It’s hard to let go and allow another person to take care of important tasks – but it’s also impossible to take it all on yourself.


Success in business is all about finding professional partners you trust to help you to build your vision and share it with others. Someone who will go the extra mile and invest as much time and energy as you would. A person who shares your passion for your business and takes time to understand your target market inside out so that they can communicate with them successfully. My speciality is being that individual for companies throughout the UK and overseas who need marketing, copywriting and social media support.

Who am I?

As you may well have guessed, I actually share a name with my company! I’m Rose – and I’ve had a love for writing and thirst for creativity for as long as I can remember. Now I’m lucky enough to do what I love for a living – as a professional content writer, published author and experienced social marketer. I started my journey as a copywriter and social media specialist when I landed a job at a local magazine five years ago, moving on to a marketing agency before going it alone. This December Rose Writes will be three years old – and I can’t wait to continue this exciting journey!

What do I do?

I help businesses to grow and gain exposure with engaging, consciously written content for print, digital and social media purposes. I provide a holistic and flexible range of support services to suit all kinds of companies – from single person enterprises to large corporates. You can learn more about the services I offer here.

How am I different?

When I’m working with clients I always start by putting myself in their shoes. How are you feeling? What do you want to achieve? What impact does your product or service have on your customers? I also love my job. When you love what you do, nothing’s a chore. Even the little things are exciting – like watching an engagement video, doing some research, meeting a client for the first time or chatting on the phone about a new venture. I take on that excitement and commitment wholeheartedly and I think my focus on being authentic, personal, passionate and professional makes working with me different.

What’s in it for you?

Quality content is more important now than ever before. Digital marketing is rapidly overtaking the traditional forms of advertising businesses once relied upon – and content is at the centre of success online.  Carefully populated social media is essential. A well-ordered website is a must. Whether you want to drive traffic to your site or gain exposure via social platforms, the way in which you communicate with potential customers is crucial.

When you work with me, you’ll share your vision and values clearly and confidently. You’ll save time and preserve precious resources, enabling you to focus on running your business. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your company is being introduced to your target market in the best possible way – driving traffic, raising revenue and helping you to develop and grow.


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