better social media content


When it comes to posting on social media (with a view to generating interest and revenue) not just any old social media content will do. But for many businesses scoping social media content can feel difficult. We all know that social media channels require posting at regular intervals to be fully effective, but that causes some businesses to get caught up in the frequency of social media activity, whilst forgetting to pay attention to the quality of the content they share with potential clients.


Pay attention to customer requirements

What is it that your customers want to hear? What do you find that those in your target demographic connect and engage with the most? Your posts are going to be ignored if they contain information that nobody wants to hear. Instead listen to your customers and monitor their activity online. Measure the efficacy of previous posts and identify what works (and more importantly, what doesn’t.) This way you can target and refine your approach rather than simply posting anything and hoping for the best.


Check out the competition

It’s not a bad thing to take a look at what your competitors are doing. Assessing social media content on competitor sites allows you to circumvent their past mistakes and implement their successes – albeit in your own unique way. Seeing what others do differently could help you to understand where you’re currently going wrong and most importantly how you can improve.


Make it visual

Studies (and analytics) have shown that posts containing media content (images, graphics and videos) are more successful than those which don’t. Visual media helps your posts to stand out against a backdrop of others – catching the eye of potential customers who are more likely to engage with something they can see and read. Remember that on a feed filled with content your post needs to be different and difficult to ignore.


Drive traffic to your site

The main purpose of social media sharing is to generate sales for your business or interest in the services or products you provide. The best way to do this is to direct potential customers to your website, which has been fully optimised and set up to steer them towards a buying decision. With this in mind some of your posts should link back to blogs, articles and specific pages on your site you feel will be of interest to your audience. This way you’re enabling them to engage further with your business by sharing more with them on another level.


Plan ahead

Once you’ve ascertained your core message and identified what your target audience need to know, it’s time to scope out a calendar so that you know exactly what you’re going to be focusing on month to month. Having a clear path of content also helps you to continually reinforce a message in the minds of consumers, with a set structure moving them towards making a purchase with you. Growing a loyal customer and follower base who engage with your brand takes time and is built slowly bit by bit.


Businesses who use social media successfully know that it has to become a habit to work effectively. Make time every month to plan, write and schedule posts – or simply log on every day to post your planned social media content. Either way, taking regular time out to dedicate to social media concentrating on quality content will make a significant difference to the amount of business you win online.


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