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When I moved over to Australia and started working remotely I decided I wanted to offer my clients more than just some pretty pictures and interesting stories. I wanted to provide a service that other UK-based copywriters simply couldn’t. A service that had real value and benefit for clients back home.

I often get asked for ‘rush work’ – last minute jobs with very tight deadlines. I always try my best to meet those deadlines, but I know that sometimes, that deadline is literally going to arrive within twelve hours, and this puts clients off. After all, not many copywriters are going to sit up all night for less than a hefty fee – and they’re unlikely to do their best work at four in the morning! We’re eleven hours ahead at the moment – in winter, we’re nine hours ahead. The time difference has already come in really handy for several of my agency clients, who often come up against demanding and seemingly impossible deadlines. With this in mind I decided to launch an overnight service – next day copywriting or proofreading without the premiums often added to rush work. So how does it work, what’s involved, and how could it benefit you?


How does it work?

Like all the services I offer, I’ve made sure that the process for Next Day copywriting is accessible and easy to use. If you’re on deadline, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the time to go back and forth answering endless questions or write a detailed brief. The process can be broken down into three simple steps:


Next Day Copywriting


Send your brief between 7am and 10pm GMT

 I specify this time as overnight work can come in at any time throughout the day. Briefs normally come in at around 7pm – but this window gives you up until 10pm to send your request. Make it as detailed as possible, and provide any materials I may need in the form of attachments. I always say more is less – as I can edit or dismiss anything I don’t need. I won’t be able to request more information in the middle of the night – so if you’re sending your brief at 10pm, make sure you haven’t missed anything! Specify clearly in the subject of your email that the deadline is OVERNIGHT.

I’ll respond and let you know whether the work can go ahead

Sometimes, I may not be able to take on overnight work due to existing deadlines. If this is the case, I’ll let you know within half an hour. If not, I’ll also let you know within half an hour. I know you need to make other arrangements urgently if I can’t take the brief on, or finally breathe a sigh of relief when I can! At this stage I’ll request more information or details if needed.

You’ll receive completed content by 9am the following day

This bit’s pretty self-explanatory. As soon as I’ve finished your content I’ll send it over with an invoice. You’ll always receive it on or before 9am the following day to allow for alterations.


What’s the cost? 

Unlike conventional rush work, I’m not adding any extra charges for this work. Why? Because I want this service to be convenient, friendly and easy to use. I am completing the work at a sociable hour, so there’s no need for me to push up the price. I’ll let you know how much it’ll be when I reply to your request, so you’re clear on costs from the beginning.


Who is this service suitable for?

This service is literally open to anyone – but I conceived it with agencies in mind. I work with a number of digital agencies in varying capacities – and they often come to me with urgent briefs. Now I can accommodate what was previously ‘impossible’ – in turn helping agencies to earn a reputation for dedication and efficiency amongst their clients. The following services are eligible for Next Day delivery, subject to my availability and the size of the brief in question.


  • Proofreading (up to 10,000 words)
  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • Copy for print
  • Press releases and articles
  • Scripts for video content
  • Taglines and slogans



Questions? Fire away! Get in touch with me here to find out more or submit your query.

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