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How could video lead generation benefit your business?

One of my lovely clients is Rashpal from BoxMedia. The company specialises in empowering brands with the highly effective (yet often underrated) medium of video media. So I’ve learnt about it, researched their approach and written about it at length. But did I know what to expect when these principles were applied to my own business?

As a single person enterprise, I find it very difficult to dedicate any time at all to marketing – even though that’s what I help my clients with! Of course I know the value of video – and I understand the need for positive brand image and regular promotion, but I’d never had an opportunity to implement a campaign with little time or effort involved before. So it was with enthusiasm that I seized the opportunity to trial BoxMedia’s LinkedIn video lead generation service.



How does it work?

The process is really very simple. In essence it’s comprised of four steps. Firstly, you create a video – either with BoxMedia’s assistance, or independently. Then the team sends out your video to a fixed number of random LinkedIn contacts. The video is hosted on a specialist site that offers detailed analytics on how the video was interacted and engaged with – so the third step is monitoring assessing how well things are going. The fourth and final step is following up. This is where you come in – touching base with your connections and seeing if you can build a relationship on the foundation your video has laid for you.



How did I get on?

I didn’t know what to expect – having never embarked on a campaign like this before. But within half an hour of the video’s submission, analytics (and messages) started rolling in. The lead conversion rate is excellent – and I have genuinely connected with some of my LinkedIn contacts for the very first time – even though technically we’ve been ‘connected’ for some time. I knew that LinkedIn was a goldmine – and this is the perfect way to dig in, introduce yourself to new clients and augment revenue. I’d recommend this service to all small businesses and SMEs who need to market their business in a novel, engaging manner – but lack the time or resources to do so independently.



What are the benefits?


Connect with people you’ve never started a meaningful conversation with before

LinkedIn is notoriously easy to misuse. Most of us have hundreds (if not thousands) of contacts that we rarely engage with. It’s also easy to misjudge or fail to consider the quality of the people we connect with online – something I’ll touch on later in the blog.

A key benefit of this service is that it opens up LinkedIn to businesses who have previously failed to successfully use it to market their products or services. At the very least it starts a conversation – it forms the foundation of a potential relationship with contacts that (in my case) will otherwise go neglected – instead of being nurtured or exploited. Whilst messages alone can go ignored, a video is harder to disregard – or forget. You can find out more about the value of video as a marketing medium here.


Increase the potential to make money out of your LinkedIn presence

Once you’ve made a viable connection with these people, it’s much more likely that they will spend money with you. Most partnerships between client and business are built on relationships. These are either forged through clever marketing or branding, or through owners reaching out personally through networking online or in person. Video makes a more powerful impact upon your clients – and once you’ve introduced your business and started a conversation you can start to monetise your LinkedIn presence effectively.


Create a marketing tool you can use across multiple platforms

Another massive benefit of this service is the added value a professionally produced video brings for your business – across the board. There’s no restrictive usage policy on the video – once it’s been created, it’s yours to keep. This means you can embed it on your website, post it on YouTube and other social networks and use it either for targeted or general promotion of your company.


It’s a win-win situation – producing valuable results no matter what

The great thing about this service is it’s a win-win. No matter what, you receive feedback – invaluable data which enables you to reevaluate how you present your business to others. If it’s negative, you can adjust. If it’s positive, you win a lucrative new client partnership.


There are so many angles to go from

Because BoxMedia is an experienced creative video marketing agency, they know how to produce media that will excite your prospects, and get them thinking about your brand. For instance, whilst lots of companies choose to introduce their business themselves, Rashpal recently told me about a ‘testimonial’ angle. This involves one or two of your clients talking about their experience with your business – introducing it on your behalf. An approach like this is always highly effective – because external people saying good things about your business is going to be much more powerful than when you say them.


It’s affordable – so it’s likely to produce a return on investment

This service is priced affordably in tiers – something which first attracted me to the trial. The monthly cost is low enough for me (or any business selling services that differ in cost and start below the £100 mark) to be able to equate it to ‘x’ amount of revenue – with ROI possible within the first week due to the nature of the process. This makes it a viable marketing tool for smaller companies – companies with a lower average price point.



Are there any downsides? Tips and advice…


Make sure your introductory message is well written

This was really the only issue I had with the whole process – something that the team at BoxMedia have now addressed and resolved. As a copywriter, it’s crucial that any written communication with clients is well produced. So it was with horror that I realised a standard message had been sent to my clients! Although this was included in my start-up pack I’d missed it whilst I was focusing on the video creation element of the campaign. But this oversight could have cost me business – or projected a negative impression of my company to my LinkedIn contacts. That’s the opposite of what this exercise sets out to achieve! Now clients receive a separate document containing the message to review – so this isn’t something that could happen going forward.

I know of course that given the opportunity I’d write a good introduction to my business. But if writing isn’t your forte, make sure you carefully consider the introductory message. It’s only a few lines – but those lines play a role in the outcome – if your prospects are unimpressed they may not watch the video or engage with your brand altogether.

You’ll have an opportunity to review the script, too – so I’d encourage you to take a look at it and tweak it a little to personalise it to your tone and presentation style. Avoid (the temptation of) adding to it too much, though – it needs to be short and sweet to be fit for purpose.


Don’t be scared

Like many business owners, I understood the merits of video. But I was also self-conscious about appearing in front of a screen. I’d appeared in corporate videos before, but they were always a headache for me and I never had time to learn a script. I’ll be the first to admit that my first attempt below is a little shaky – I really didn’t have time to learn the script. Instead I read it (not recommended!) from big sheets of paper held behind the camera. If you’re nervous, just practice as much as you can and make sure you feel confident with the lines. If you really don’t feel able to star in your own video, why not ask a member of staff who loves to present, or go for the testimonial approach? There’s more on this below.


Purge your LinkedIn contacts before you begin

When it comes to LinkedIn (or any of my social media platforms), ‘underuse’ is an understatement. I dedicate all my time to my clients’ social media accounts, so I rarely have any going spare to spend on my own. So it was with apprehension that I reached out to thirty of my contacts – contacts who largely go neglected despite my knowledge of the power of social networking. I was right to be nervous in this case – I hadn’t even thought about who the video would be going out to, and whether it would be worth those particular individuals seeing it. This is another positive though – using this service actively encourages you to consider the quality of your contacts. To challenge you to think – am I using LinkedIn properly? What’s the benefit of being connected with these individuals? Is there any value commercially in connecting with this person? This can only be a good thing if you plan to continue to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool.


Make it as professional as possible

As I’m currently based overseas, it wasn’t possible for me to make my way to the BoxMedia studio. But I’d encourage anyone in the UK to go for the professional option. Mine was shot on an iPhone with no additional equipment – (other than my boyfriend holding up cue cards, of course!) Professional production of the video is free for clients who commit to three months or more – so it’s well worth investing in this option.


New to video? This is the perfect opportunity to try it out

Above all this is a great introduction to video for businesses who perhaps haven’t explored or considered it as a marketing medium before. If you’re anything like me, you’ll start to consider all the other options and different types of videos you could create to market your company. The service itself is a great way to improve business performance, with an introduction that’s easy to follow up and engage with.



Watch the videos below, and if you’re interested, why not have a friendly chat about your requirements with Rashpal and the team at BoxMedia? The first example is a video shot in BoxMedia’s studio from another of my clients Paul Simpson from The Business Hub – you can more about his company below. I’ve included this to demonstrate the quality of professionally produced video so that you can compare and contrast again my own. I’m also more than happy to answer any questions about my experience – simply drop me a line here.


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