I offer specialist proofreading for students – ensuring that dissertations, theses and assignments are grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes or errors.

proofreading for students

Friendly, independent, meticulous

I’m not a robot or a part-time proofreader frantically reading essays to make a living on the side. This is my job – and I care about getting it right as much as you do! I’m a full-time professional and I pride myself on offering excellent proofreading and editing services. Your document will be carefully checked and thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it’s perfect and ready for submission, giving you the best possible chance of securing the grade you need.

Spellcheck isn’t enough

Spellcheckers are great tools for basic everyday use – but they can’t assess the flow and presentation of your writing – and they’ll miss words you place incorrectly but spell perfectly.

When you’re submitting a crucial dissertation or are facing the difference between getting a first and a 2:1 can you really afford to leave the success of your theses and assignments to chance?

In a rush? No time? No worries

If you’re in need of a quick turnaround I’ll always endeavour to accommodate you. If you’re on the last minute and need an expert to proofread your dissertation or assignment overnight or within the week, contact me and I’ll try and help you out.

 Give your essay the edge


Proofreading for students – what do I offer?

Whether you’re writing a 10,000 word dissertation, a short introductory summary, review or essay, Rose Writes is here for you to help you submit accurate, blemish-free texts to give you the best possible chance of achieving your expected grade. I deal with students of all ages and at all stages including first year students, mature students and even lecturers and professors. Struggling with spelling, grammar or the accuracy of punctuation doesn’t make you a bad writer – and it has no bearing on intelligence. But accuracy is of course part of marking criteria at all levels – so it’s crucial that there are no errors, mistakes or missing words.

I offer proofreading for students in a range of capacities for any type of document, including:

–       Proofreading for dissertations

–       Proofreading for theses and assignments

–       Proofreading for coursework pieces

–       Proofreading for essays

–       Proofreading for scripts and videos

–       Proofreading for graphics and artwork pieces

–       Proofreading for specialist subjects and topics including Medicine, Law and Sciences

If your document isn’t listed above don’t worry – please get in touch.

Proofreading for students – how much does it cost?

Proofreading prices are set for standard academic dissertations, theses and assignments at University level – from first year to Masters and PhD.

Dissertations, theses and assignments of 10,000 words or less:

£30 (48 hour turnaround)

£45 (24 hour turnaround)

£55 (12 hour turnaround – subject to availability)

Dissertations, theses and assignments of 20,000 words or less:

£45 (48 hour turnaround)

£60 (24 hour turnaround)

£70 (12 hour turnaround – subject to availability)

For further information on proofreading for students take a look at my Academic Proofreading page here.

If you require editing and review services take a look at my Editing for Students page here.

Proofreading for students – what’s the process?

Submit your document via email

It’ll be held securely and confidentially ready for review. At this stage you’ll need to specify when you will need the reviewed document to be ready for.


Your document will be thoroughly checked and evaluated and any grammatical errors will be rectified.

Receive your document perfectly presented and error-free

Once necessary edits are made your document will be returned to you straight away and deleted immediately for security.

Need your dissertation proofing quickly? Email me with URGENT PROOFREAD in the subject line and I’ll let you know whether I can take it on as soon as possible.

Specialist proofreading for students with disabilities or language difficulties

I specialise in proofreading and copywriting, but I also have dyscalculia – which makes dealing with numbers in any capacity really difficult for me. You will have a great talent – but it might not involve being a whizz at spelling and grammar. We all have strengths and weaknesses – and success is about enlisting the support of experts to help us with the things we struggle to do on our own.

I offer specialist proofreading for students who have dyslexia, learning difficulties or for whom English is a second language. I’m used to working with documents in varying states – so there’s no need to worry that I can’t work with you or feel ashamed about the state a document is in when I receive it. I can work with you to ensure that your dissertation or assignment is grammatically correct without prejudice or embarrassment. I’m discreet and no piece of text is too difficult or complicated for me – try me and see. I can also offer on-going support as a package for students who need coursework, theses and other documents checking on a regular basis.

If you would like to discuss specialist proofreading please drop me an email or give me a call for a friendly chat about what you require and how I can help.