Rose Writes is relocating and expanding in Australia…take a look at the attached flyer and blog to find out everything you need to know.


Rose Writes comes to Australia!

One of the principle reasons I always wanted to work for myself is because I knew that being my own boss would allow me to continue my passion for travel. Ever since I was a little girl I would wish away the days before an eagerly anticipated trip on an aeroplane – even if it was only to Ireland or Spain back then!

Last year after nearly 12 months in business I decided to test the waters and start going further afield to see how I (and Rose Writes) fared in different time zones. Following the success of this trip (and on the eve of the company’s 2 year anniversary) I decided to take the plunge and go as far as I possibly could – to Australia.

The purpose of this blog is not to go into the various benefits of living here – I’m sure you’re already well aware of them! Instead I wanted to reassure and inform my clients (past, present and future) and celebrate this new chapter in my professional and personal life.

Below are some key details you may need to know if you’re already a client or are planning on becoming one in the near future. Of course not everything is listed here – so if you need to ask a question or request further information please get in touch.


Nothing will change – other than our time zones

I’ll be running my UK business as normal – just in a brand new location! During and after the move there will be no down time or disruption in service, and I’m still available to take on work as usual for both existing and new projects. One thing that will change however is my availability to take calls. You’re still welcome to contact me anytime – however I’ll be 9 hours ahead until early October, when I’ll be 11 hours ahead. This means that the best time to contact me is between 6am-2pm and 10pm-11pm UK time until October, when this will change to 6am-12pm and 8pm-11pm UK time. As always I’m happy to take enquiries and discuss projects over the weekend, so don’t worry about which day it is here when you’re making a call or sending an email.


Getting in touch

Some of my contact details have naturally changed – although for the time being I’m still available on my UK number. How you get in touch is completely up to you – but its worth noting that it won’t cost you the earth to call me, as I am on an international contract.

If you’d like to telephone, WhatsApp, text or Skype, please dial: +61 423 180 681 

If you’d like to email, it’s still


New location – new service

As I’m around a day ahead I can help both agencies and individual clients meet unpredictable last minute deadlines. This is perfect for urgent press releases, blogs, unexpected web content or additional brief requirements. My overnight service is priced exactly the same as work with regular lead times – so you’ll retain quality whilst saving money, with no need to pay a UK company extra for rush work. It’s also simple and easy to request overnight work:

Copywriting Australia



If you’re unsure of anything or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I want to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible for my clients, so if I can help in any way just ask.


Rose Writes Australia