SEO Copywriting in Manchester

Rose Writes offers SEO copywriting services to businesses based in and around Manchester and beyond. This targeted method of content creation enables companies to optimise their presence online – getting them noticed by Google and in turn by prospective clients.

We work with SEO specialists and digital agencies or your web development team from specified keywords, optimising copy to help put your business on the map and help you claim your market share.


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What are the benefits of SEO Copywriting?

Professional SEO copywriting gives brands the edge over competitors. It helps customers to find them and connect with them. It improves Google rankings whilst ensuring that copy is simultaneously engaging and relevant for readers.


SEO Copywriting Services by Rose Writes

We provide SEO copywriting services for all digital requirements. Mainly these fall into several categories:


SEO Copywriting – Blogs

Blogs can have a significantly positive effect on search engine rankings as Google now favours websites which regularly post relevant quality content. Blogs are also a great way to communicate and connect with customers or potential clients, through sharing news stories, helpful how-to articles, general information or opinion pieces.


SEO Copywriting – Websites

Content can make or break a website. In particular your copy needs to be audience appropriate and engaging for visitors, whilst also keeping Google happy. Effective copywriting with an SEO objective is about maintaining this balance, so that traffic increases and more people visit your site – and when they do, they stay and engage with your brand.


SEO Copywriting for Product Descriptions, Meta Tags and More…

Professionally written product descriptions for e-commerce websites can have a significantly positive impact on sales. Small yet important elements in website design such as meta tags, alt tags and titles also need professional attention.


Copywriting Partnerships

Are you a digital agency providing blogs and copywriting to clients? Is bringing a copywriter in-house too expensive (or are you rapidly expanding but fall short of employing another member of staff?)

If not, why not add another revenue stream whilst offering a comprehensive package to existing and future clients?

I work with a number of digital marketing agencies, web developers and graphic designers as a freelance SEO copywriter, enabling agencies to outsource surplus copy requirements to a professional partner they can trust whenever they need support. Copy partnerships are often highly beneficial for both parties, as I can then recommend companies to clients who need them.

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