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SEO Copywriting by Rose Writes

For time-poor business owners writing website content can be taxing at the best of times. But the digital revolution has created an additional consideration – as copy online communicates information both to Google and to your potential customers.

I specialise in writing free-flowing, captivating content that satisfies Google’s criteria whilst persuading and engaging your target audience. SEO copywriting requires a delicate balance – between functionality and free flow. Therefore effective SEO copywriting involves achieving equilibrium between the two – getting your message across without cramming in keywords in senseless and sporadic fashion!

Why is SEO copywriting important?

Google uses a specific, constantly evolving set of criteria to assess the relevancy and rank of pages on the internet. It’s these sophisticated algorithms that help us to find what we want, when we want – in record time. Therefore when you write website content or any form of digital content you’re not only considering the needs of your potential customers – you’re also explaining your core services and primary purpose to Google. Google needs to know what you’re about using a variety of indicators. Search engines must have a good idea about your motivation and the quality of the information you offer in order to make an assessment as to how credible your pages and website as a whole are – and it bases its estimation on the relevancy and authority of your content. There are several ways to do this – but primarily achieving a positive rating (and a higher ranking) involves thoughtful, well-written content that interests readers and communicates effectively with Google.

SEO copywriting for e-commerce businesses

SEO copywriting is an essential for e-commerce businesses – who are usually competing against other retailers to garner attention for particular products on sale. Without considerable exposure that both secures a consistent Google ranking and shares the right information, items simply don’t shift. Therefore content is important – as the copy accompanying images and information is a primary indicator for Google.

I work with e-commerce businesses and their SEO specialists, taking on the often monumental task of carefully creating imaginative, original content that persuades potential customers and shares valuable information with Google.

SEO copywriting partnerships

I work with a number of agency partners and freelance SEO specialists as their preferred professional copywriter, providing content in conjunction with their guidance and direction. If you offer SEO as a service but need a professional on board to take care of copy requirements, get in touch today.