go girl entrepreneur

This month I was absolutely thrilled when Go Girl Entrepreneur asked me to contribute as a guest blogger! It coincided perfectly with the launch of my brand new logo – but it also provided me with a lovely opportunity to fully reflect upon my journey as a business owner, from feeling trapped in the 9-5 to being free to work all over the world, doing what I love.

What is Go Girl Entrepreneur?

Go Girl Entrepreneur is an inspiring, motivational platform for female business owners that provides expert insights, support and resources to women everywhere at all stages of self-employment – from those just turning their dreams into reality to seasoned professionals. The website and courses offered are bright, positive and encouraging – just what budding entrepreneurs need to flourish, grow and feel excited about their new venture! Founder Michelle knows first-hand how challenging setting up and running a business single-handedly can be – so the movement focuses on tackling the fears and anxieties that often hold us back.

What’s the blog about?

The brief was really open – but after following Go Girl Entrepreneur on Instagram for some time I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. I was especially keen to share my perspective on setting up in business for the first time – as somebody who took the plunge at a young age without any direction, experience or guidance. I always thought that I needed lots of money, a detailed strategy and a business plan to succeed. But actually I found that the key being successful is harnessing the qualities you already possess within yourself – some of which you may not even realise are positive. Whether you’re setting up in business yourself or just fancy learning a little more about my journey, I hope you find the blog interesting and inspiring!

Pop over and read the blog now on Go Girl Entrepreneur.

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