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Social Media Training in Manchester by Rose Writes

Are your social media platforms working hard for your business?

95% of adults who are active online are most likely to follow a brand via social networking – a statistic that highlights just how important social platforms can be, and how greatly they can influence business success. But lack of awareness isn’t the primary reason behind neglected accounts and poorly-populated platforms. It’s usually insufficient knowledge, time and resources that causes brands to lag behind their competitors on social media. Most business owners appreciate that social media is now an essential marketing tool. It’s therefore completely understandable that the percentage of companies that feel that they are confident, fully-equipped and have the time and resources to run social media successfully is much lower. 

Your online presence needs to positively reflect your business

Social media is now a crucial aspect of any commercial marketing strategy. Yet since its emergence and expansion has been rapid, it’s left companies with very little time to gets to grips with it. The ever-changing nature of the platforms available also makes implementing a successful strategy difficult.

As a content specialist and social media manager I frequently witness the remarkable results a structured, well implemented social media marketing strategy can produce. But I also recognise that not all businesses have limitless budgets for full social media management – especially SMEs.

That’s where social media training comes in. In house or over Skype I deliver informal, engaging and hands-on social media training courses, using a core structure that’s then tailored to suit your objectives and requirements.

What does social media training in Manchester with Rose Writes involve?

I offer a selection of three core packages, which are then tailored to your unique requirements. For example, a course designed for 6-10 staff won’t be appropriate if you’re a single person enterprise in need of 1-2-1 coaching. The information below represents the body of what’s included – but of course each can (and likely will) be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Social Media Training – Full

What’s included?

A comprehensive run-down of ‘the basics’

Booklets and online resources accessible anytime for you to refer back to

Informal, friendly, hands-on presentation and coaching

Modules based on the nature of your business and your objectives, as well as specific concerns and issues

A course tailored to plug in the gaps, introduce fresh perspectives and cover missing knowledge rather than run over old ground

Professional insight, tips and tricks

What will you learn, and how will your business benefit?

Learn how social media works, and why it is important

Discover easy-to-implement techniques to incorporate running social platforms into your daily routine

Put together a practical monthly plan to help you to stay on track and concentrate on running your business

Know how to easily use resources already at your disposal

We’ll cover creative concepts to help you to continuously post shareable, interactive and exciting content

Social Media Training – Management Only

Enlisting my support with content creation, but want to limit cost and take on management in-house? This one’s for you. You’ll learn:

How to allocate a block of time and schedule posts to save time and resources

The importance of proactive and reactive engagement and interaction

Solutions to common problems

Effective time-management, with significant success

Social Media Training – Creating Content

If you have the time and resources to successfully run social media in-house, but are stumped when it comes to what to post and why, this training course will help you to inject much-needed creativity and excitement. You’ll discover:

That planning ahead can help you to get really creative with concepts

How to think like your customers and share content they will love and engage with

Why visuals are important and how to ensure that they are appropriate and accurately reflect your business

How to share your business in a persuasive and positive way

All social media training packages come with three months of unlimited phone and email support. I understand that time is a precious resource – so whether you’ve got one hour to spare or half a day, I’ll cater to your requirements.

As each package is put together on a bespoke basis, costing naturally varies. Please get in touch and share your requirements with me today for an accurate quote.

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