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Website Content Writing by Rose Writes

There’s no doubt about it…words matter. Use the psychology of sentences to your advantage

 Buying decisions are largely driven by emotion. How do you want (or need) your customers to feel? How would you like them to react? To be effective and result in revenue for your business, the words you use to present and describe it have to provoke an emotional response. Online, written content is one of the only ways you can communicate with your audience in this way.

The marketplace is constantly evolving…are you?

Once upon a time, small businesses got by on word of mouth referrals and local advertising. Now the internet has brought consumers the gift of greater choice – and whilst this is fantastic news for companies who want to expand their horizon and grow beyond geographical borders, those left behind find themselves losing business.

Website content matters

The quality of your website content writing matters. It could be the difference between a visitor choosing to spend money with you or looking elsewhere and plumping for a competitor. Just a few words – a slogan, a title or a strap line can considerably influence a buying decision.

Tone is also crucial. Reaching your audience involves understanding them inside out and getting inside their heads. Effective copy is targeted – it reaches and influences its audience, persuading them to engage with a brand.

SEO website content writing

Put your business firmly on the radar – with compelling, consciously-crafted website content optimised for search engines. I can liaise with your existing SEO specialist or recommend companies I work with regularly who can assess your current situation and make suggestions or implement an SEO strategy going forward. I work with pre-determined keywords to optimise your copy, writing website content which is both Google friendly and relevant and engaging for readers. For more on SEO copywriting take a look at my dedicated page here.

Blog content writing

Google favours quality, regularly updated content over stagnant text crammed with keywords. To develop and associate a feeling of trust and credibility with your brand, customers need to get to know you! What do you do? What makes you tick? Why are you in the business? How can your product or service benefit them? A neglected blog also indicates a lack of interest, professionalism and dedication – so it’s crucial that you keep it up to date with plenty of engaging content. Find out more about blog writing by Rose Writes here.

Have you written your website content yourself? Take a look at my proofreading and editing services here.