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Why should I use a copywriter?

 Know that it is taken care of and will be the best it can possibly be

When working with a professional copywriter, business owners can say: ‘This is who I am, this is what I want, this is when I want it’ then go away and concentrate on what they do best, knowing it is being taken care of competently and efficiently. It’s that simple. This sort of peace of mind comes with working with any outsourced professional or supplier who understands your needs perfectly and has the expertise to execute a brief competently – delivering on time, every time.

Save time (and effort)

One of the biggest things I give back to business owners is their time. Time is an invaluable and non-renewable resource – once it’s gone, it’s gone. If you consider your personal hourly rate, then think about how much time you would spend writing a blog, or your new website copy, or that product information for the brand new flyer, you can soon see how quickly costs can add up and that in actual fact, employing a professional copywriter saves you money.  It’s not just the physical writing of a document which is included in my prices – research, interviews and edits are also part and parcel of what I do – all of which take up plenty of precious time for business owners and staff.

Improve brand identity and look brilliantly professional

You can increase sales and the look of a brand through good copy – because customers trust and connect with you better than they did previously.

From single ownership companies and solo entrepreneurs to SMEs and larger companies, if you want to reach and connect with your clients in the best possible way, then spending on good quality copy is a must. Copywriting is in many ways part of your branding – as the tone it adopts and approach it takes become the ‘voice’ of your business inside your customers’ heads. In lots of ways, a copywriter secures and improves brand identity and helps to take care of a company’s image – as it works in harmony with great design and beautiful imagery. They say ‘content is king’ – and if you’re missing one of these valuable components or failed to pay attention to it, it brings down the others you spent time and money on. I am able to work closely with graphic designers and website developers to get the best possible result for you.

Look more professional – whatever your industry may be.

Make money

For the reasons detailed above, good copy makes you money – but perhaps more importantly, bad copy can cost you money as it can make you look unprofessional and slapdash.  That’s why even if you want to write copy yourself, it’s a good idea to get it proofread or edited by a copywriter.  

Reach clients more effectively

Aside from attracting new business and getting fresh clients through the doors, investing in a copywriter also brings you closer to your existing clients as you are reaching them more efficiently with the marketing material you put out there – especially if you do invest in blogs, newsletters and e-shots which keep you in constant contact with previous and existing clients. Achieving better engagement with prospective and existing clients naturally makes you more money – as above.

What are the benefits of professional copywriting?

In reality, what I do for my clients involves a lot more than just popping a few words down on paper. I improve brand image, save time and hassle and make them more money. Find out more here.

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